MoneyGram payment instructions from – HugeBodySteroids

MoneyGram payment instructions from

You can pay in a Moneygram location or directly on the Moneygram website by using the beneficiary given on your order confirmation page. Please notice that the beneficiary can be used only once and is valid only for a period of 5 days after your order onhe site. After this period, you will have to do a new order on the site to obtain a new valid beneficiary.

In addition, please pay attention to the maximum amount of each beneficiary. For example, to pay an order of $900 with 2 beneficiaries limited to $500 each, please send $500 on the first beneficiary and $400 on the second beneficiary.
Please send required amount for your order in USD to the receiver;
Right after you sent the payment Please provide us with the:

All required information please send to:
Your order will not be shipped until we receive your payment.
If you have any questions about payment or order making please contact us!

Once we’ll receive your payment your order will be shipped from our safe warehouse in Europe.

  • First and Last sender’s name;
  • Your Total amount in USD;
  • Receivers name you sent the funds;
  • Money Transfer Control Number (REF# – 8 digits)

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